TALENTNITI, as the name stands for "talent strategy," is a progressive talent search startup established to meet the growing hiring needs of corporates.


TalentNiti applies method, analytics, and strategic thinking to map the best fit candidates for the jobs on offer.


We are building capabilities to support corporates, ranging from startups, mid-size, to large conglomerates, in their hiring requirements across sectors and job roles.


We also enable candidates to find the right opportunities, helping them grow in their career.

"Rising entrepreneurial activity has accentuated the demand for quality talent and placed more choice in the hands of the employees. Employers are now finding it difficult to attract and retain talent. Further, social media has completely changed the dynamics of how such talent should be identified and engaged."


Vineet Arora

Co-founder, TalentNiti


We'll give you 4 reasons to choose TalentNiti.

Targeted Talent Sourcing

Online Talent Meetups

As more people engage on social media and open communities, it's no longer sufficient to look for talent on traditional job portals. We scan through several communities, forums, blogs, work portfolio sites (e. g., LinkedIn, Github, Stackoverflow, Behance, Coroflot, Quora) to identify the best fit for you.

Modeled on physical job fairs, we organize online job fairs to help you meet several candidates at one place. We screen the candidates for their qualification and interests prior to inviting them for such meetups, thus helping you save time.

Pre-screened Talent Pool

Cost-Effective Pricing Models

Needle in a haystack analogy is never an exaggeration in the recruitment space. We therefore maintain a robust database of progressive/employable candidates to help fulfill our clients' hiring needs better.

Our regular pricing is based on industry standard norms. For long-term associations and volume hiring, we work with the clients to customize the pricing based on a minimum commitment agreement.





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