Candidate Sourcing for Diversity Hiring

diversity-employees-300x228As a recruiter, sometimes you may be tasked to source female candidates to maintain a healthy gender ratio in your organization. So while sourcing, how would you go about filtering female candidates from a large pool of eligible ones?

Good news: Many paid databases have an option that lets you search for female candidates specifically.

Bad news: LinkedIn doesn’t have any such gender-filtering option.

So how do you source female candidates on LinkedIn?

Here’s the answer:

  • Look for indicators that differentiate a female candidate’s LinkedIn profile from that of a male candidate.
  • Think about keywords that you would typically find only in a female candidate’s profile.
  • If you focus on the “Recommendations” section, those standout keywords are “She” and “her”.
  • So, if you use (she OR her) in your Boolean X-ray search along with other role-specific keywords, what you’ll get is a list of female candidates’ LinkedIn profiles.

While the above strategy may not fetch those profiles that don’t have any recommendations yet, it’s still a quick way to get you the desired pool of candidates.

About the Author: Vineet Arora is the Chief Executive of TalentNiti, a boutique talent search company catering to IT, Hi-Tech, and Consulting/Research sectors. He can be reached at

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