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Timeboxing for Recruiters

TimeboxingHiring involves several small activities ranging from sourcing, creating job posts, CV screening, replying to emails, telephonic screening, scheduling interviews, following up with the candidates, and so forth. As a recruiter, you’re always challenged to optimize your daily routine to maximize your output. So, how can you stay focused and improve productivity?

The answer lies in Timeboxing. It’s a technique wherein you divide your schedule into a number of small time periods (timeboxes), with each period having its own deliverable and deadline.

  1. So, begin your daily schedule by taking a stock of overall activities you need to take care of.
  2. Assign priorities to each task. For example, scheduling important interviews may take priority over fresh sourcing, or updating stakeholders about a cancelled interview may take priority over responding to routine emails.
  3. Timebox each task according to priority. Stay focused on doing that task alone during the planned timebox. Avoid the urge to respond to new emails that arrive in your inbox. :)

Typically, timeboxes of 30 – 60 minutes with break of 5 minutes after each timeboxshould be an efficient strategy for recruiters.

What techniques have worked for you? Please share in the comments below!

Posted by Vineet Arora, Co-founder, TalentNiti


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